Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair

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At our company in Rancho Palos Verdes CA, we provide quick local garage door spring repair, replacement, installation, and adjustment. Since cables go hand in hand with springs, we also offer garage door cable repair and replacement. All technicians in our team are experts in such services and help 24/7. We carry several spares as well as new springs & cables with us in order to do our job right the very first time. Whenever you need any help with these parts of the garage system, expect our quick support.

When garage door springs & cables break, the door doesn't open. If it's already open, it will jam or slide down. To avoid safety hazards, allow us to replace springs before they break. From torsion spring and extension springs to cables, pulleys, cones, brackets, and any other part of this tensed system, our experts at Garage Door Repair Rancho Palos Verdes CA can replace anything.

What Garage Door Spring & Cable Services We OfferGarage Door Spring Repair

As specialists in both commercial and residential garage systems, we offer full cable and garage door spring repair services. In addition, here are the main things we can do for your springs & cables:

  • Extension and torsion spring adjustment

Springs manage to move your door thanks to their tension. They are designed and installed in such a way as to be sufficiently tensed to lift and lower down the heavy door. Regardless of their size and type, springs eventually lose power. The purpose of their adjustment is to add tension so they will be powerful enough to open and shut the door. If they are too tense, we can also release tension.

  • Spring maintenance

This is a routine spring service, which enables us to inspect the condition of either extension or torsion springs, do the balance test to check their tension, lubricate the spring coils and take care of any problem.

  • Spring replacement and installation

We offer broken spring replacement 24/7 but can also replace springs that haven't snapped yet. The latter is always the best way to avoid accidents. To reinforce your safety, our technicians can also install safety cables to the extension spring system. These are not the ordinary garage door cables, but special ones which ensure the spring doesn't pop when it breaks.

  • Garage door cable repair & replacement. 

We repair cables as soon as possible. They usually come off the drum and we can fix that. But if they keep coming off, our technicians also check the adjacent parts and any supportive component. There might be a problem with the pulleys or brackets. In such cases, we do the required garage door cable repair work and also fix or replace any other part. Our experts offer garage door cable replacement 24/7. Cables are installed to assist springs in lifting and lowering the door. Due to this harsh work, they eventually fray and one day they break. We can check their condition and replace them prematurely, but always help fast when customers need broken cable replacement urgently. In conclusion, we can fix your garage door in Rancho Palos Verdes any time you need us! 

Want expertly done spring & cable repair work? Call our team

In order to do each and every garage door spring repair work right, we carry a wide range of tools and spares with us. Our professionals are extensively trained to fix both springs & cables and do so with their mind on your needs and safety. Don't attempt fixing such tensed parts on your own. Our company offers affordable services in Rancho Palos Verdes CA and has the expert skills to take care of your garage door springs & cables. Call us to take care of your needs.